About Us

Green Links Lanka Lanka is a Subsidiary of N. S. Gunaratne Pvt. Ltd, which has been operating in the Sri Lankan business context from 1985. Green Links Lanka started its operations as a total e-waste recycling solution provider in 2005.

Operations of the company are three fold. First, we collect electronic waste from households, repair centers and the corporate sector. Secondly, we sort and arrange the collected items into units. Thirdly, we export them to the potential recyclers.

We carry out all of our e-waste collection activities in accordance with the rules and regulations laid by The Central Environmental Authority of Sri Lanka (CEA) for scheduled waste management. We ensure that each of our e-waste stocks is exported with strict accordance to the clauses in the BASEL convention on the Trans Boundary movement of e-waste.

Our Vision

Towards an e-waste free Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

- To offer an effective and convenient solution for the electronic waste disposal problem of Sri Lanka.

- To provide our buyers a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of sourcing raw materials for their manufacturing purposes.

- Strive to make a long lasting relationship with our stakeholders ensuring the well-being of the company.

Operational Excellence

Currently we act as the major e-waste solution provider for around 300 companies in Sri Lanka, including blue chips such as John Keells Group, Singer Sri Lanka, Metropolitan Group of Companies and a large number of BOI companies and Banks.

For each shipment of e-waste we manage, destruction certificates are issued giving you the assurance that they are recycled in a proper way. We have successfully managed over 2000 tonnes of e-waste in the last two years.

We have obtained the Scheduled Waste Management Licence for e-waste from the CEA of Sri Lanka and also several international licences; namely International Basel license Hong Kong-China & International Basel license South Korea. Also, we have agreements with leading e-waste recyclers in the UK, Belgium, Japan, Germany and Malaysia.

Door Step e-waste collection from households

Green Links Lanka re-launched its door step collection from households with a dedicated vehicle. The general public is invited to Call on 011 566 0 300 for door step e-waste collection. This program encourages the general public to dispose their e-waste items in an environment friendly manner with Green Links Lanka.